20 Mart 2008 Perşembe

Write Your Groups and Topics

Hi All,


1. Website Recommendation
2. Your Groups and
3. Topics
4. Evaluation Criteria

Good Luck

Tuncer Can

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gizem_k dedi ki...

1.Website Name:www.g.i.g.com (Grammer.Is.Good)
2.Grading Criteria: Creativity
3.Group Name: G_I_R_L_S

#3231070043_AYŞEGÜL KUTLU
#3231070044_GİZEM KANGAL

fln dedi ki...

1. Website Recommendation : www.englishforbeginners.com
2. Group :
3231070069 Nteniz CHATZICHALIL
3231070051 Fulya Lisa NEUBERT
3231070033 Selnur TOKSOY
3. Topic : Prepositions
4. Grading Criteria : Survey

gizem_k dedi ki...

group G_I_R_L_S


Tuncer Can dedi ki...

Hi Guys,

evaluation criteria should be to based on the evaluation of what to look for in the projects that you will do, it is not just one criteria (this word is plural, singular form is criterion:) so you need to write more than one item for the evaluation criteria, before proposing your website name, please click www.register.com and see if this name is available, if so write it here:)

Tuncer Can

Adsız dedi ki...

1.website recommendation:www.scooltocool.com
2.group name:whyouwe
*3231070013 emine arslan
*3231070024 selim özbay
*3231070029 demet okyay
4.grading criterion:forming a professional judgement group

esqi_ dedi ki...

1)website name: tingle-of-english.com
2)my group name: family guys
#3231070057 Ezgi BEKTAŞ
#3231070011 Ece ÜNAL
#3231070035 M.Özgür KURAL
3)topic: quantifiers
4)evaluation criteria:
*being instructive
*teaching with fun
*being visual and auditory
*catching personal attention
*not being usual